This footbag fun game is ideal for the school playground, the street, etc. You need some chalk or tape, a footbag and a minimum of four friends. The game can seem a little weird at first, but becomes very entertaining once you get into it.


Make a court, a square, divided into four squares (therefore the name 4-square). The squares should be marked 1, 2, 3 and 4. See illustration above. The four players stand on a square each. You play within the 4 squares and you are not allowed to step out of your own square.

The person in square 1 serves to one of the others in the square. After the serve the players may use any number of kicks to pass the bag on to another square. The pass must be at least knee high. When the ball is dropped, either the person in the square where the ball landed or the person who kicked it out of the big square, must go out. Then everybody moves up in the numbers if possible: meaning for instance that if the person in square 3 goes out, then the person in square 4 stays and the person in square 2 moves to 3, and the person in square 1 goes to 2, and the person who is out / new player starts in square 1. You can expand the game with a point system, where you are given points every time you “survive” square 4.

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Despite the small number of serious practitioners in this discipline, footbag golf has been a regular feature at the European Footbag Championships during the years. This game offers precision kicks with different types of footbags. You typically use a hard footbag, called a driver, for longer distances and a softer footbag, called a putter, for shorter distances. Footbag golf is a relaxed, social and fun game ideal for a warm summer day with your friends in the park.


The rules are simple. You play as regular, or disc (Frisbee), golf. Make a course where each hole requires 3-5 kicks. Start (tee-off) by kicking the footbag around the nearest obstacle; may it be a bush, a bench or a statue, and continue from the spot where it lands. To complete a hole, the footbag must land in or on a prefixed object or area. That could be a rubbish bin, a statue or a sign. In the official rules you must hit a prefixed circle with 76 cm. in diameter. It is a good idea to write down the number of kicks by the participants so everyone does not have to remember how many kicks they have used. The winner is the player who makes it through the course with fewest kicks.

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