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World Footbag Championships
The World Footbag Championships has been organized 26 times and is the biggest and most important tournament in the world. A great majority of these tournaments have taken place in the US, where the sport has its origin, but this year Helsinki hosted the tournament and next year (2006) is scheduled to take place in Frankfurt. It is not the first time the World Footbag Championships is being held outside the US, in 2003, the Czech "Dictators" hosted a massive tournament i Prague.

Vasek Klouda in a flash from a camera in his dropless semifinal routine   Isabel Widmer

Almost every footbag nation is represented at these tournaments and the level of skills is very high in every discipline. There will be competed in the following disciplines:

The World Championships is a so-called “Prize money event” meaning that the competing Open players can win money. At the registration they can choose to put in some extra money which is to be divided amongst the winners as price money. This is an American phenomenon that is mostly used at major tournaments in the US. The money prizes are small varying from $50-100 per discipline.

Intermediate Single Freestyle
Men’s Open Single Freestyle
Women’s Open Single Freestyle
Women’s Open Double Freestyle
Men’s Open Double Freestyle
Open Mix Double Freestyle
Men’s Shred 30
Women’s Shred 30
Big 3

Intermediate Single Net
Intermediate Double Net
Women’s Open Single Net
Women’s Open Double Net
Men’s Open Double Net
Open Mix Double Net

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