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European Footbag Championships
Naturally the European Championships is the biggest and most important tournament in Europe. Players from all mayor European contry will compete for the European Champion titles.

Check out the website from The European Footbag Championships in Copenhagen 2004

Ryan Mulroney on stage Ales Zelinka wins "most rippin" Mads Hole og Thomas Mortensen in front of the national flag

Competitions in the following disciplines are being held:

Intermediate Single Freestyle
Men’s Open Single Freestyle
Women’s Open Single Freestyle
Open Double Freestyle
Open Shred 30
Open Big 3

Intermediate Single Net
Intermediate Double Net
Open Single Net
Open Double Net

The European Championships has been held seven times in recent years. The European Championships has developed parallel with the spreading of the sport in Europe . This development really took off around the beginning of this millennium. Therefore the event gets not only bigger from year to year, but also better organized and the skill level of the competitors constantly rises. In rather short time Europe has gotten itself a dmultiple World Champion in all freestyle disciplines as well as at least 10 freestyle players among the world's top 20 players.

The European Championships is an open event suggesting that non-European players also can compete. The best players of the whole tournament are elected as well as the best European players. Thus top players from USA , Canada , Japan , Australia , New Zealand and Russia for an example can compete with the European players at this tournament.

The tournament is known to arrange some fantastic parties and there is always a warm and open atmosphere. Outside of the competitions all players seem to play with each other regardless of their technical level, sex or age. As a footbag player the European Championships is a blast of an experience, no matter if you want to compete or not. You will meet people from all over the world, all with the same interests to keep that little bag off the ground for four days non-stop. You will only truly understand what footbag is after experiencing this event

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