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Since the mid 80's footbag has been a part of the outdoor music festival culture in Denmark. In the recent years more guests have started to play footbag in these festivals. The phenomenon just goes really well with the open sky, summer, music and young people. Since 2001 DFK has been part of the famous Roskilde Festival with 7 days of footbag activity. Footbag sessions, shows, workshops and a lot of PR work for the sport, is carried out amongst 70.000 young people in the right target group.


A big lot of the festival audience get some new inspiring memories from these festivals, other than just party and music experiences. The DFK footbag crew hang out in the Street Sport Area, where large herds of people pass by all the time coming from or going to concerts, and this is a great place to show the sport to all these energetic youngsters. A lot of people use this inspiration as a serious entry to our sport. They realize that footbag is an impressive sport to watch and a fun game to play, and yet it still seems to go with the true and cool tendencies in the youth culture.

It has been impossible to get a guarantee from year to year regarding our participation in the festival. If the Festival Management gives us their green light and allows for 10 players to go, the footbag camp will be announced in the activity area, Street Sport, from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 . The activity area is located between the Footbridge over the railway and the windmill (west). Remember to check next years program under “events” if we are there and exactly where we are located. Otherwise information will be accessible on this site. We are looking so much forward to 2004.

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