EFC is short for European Footbag Committee, and is a committee working within the IFPA. EFC, is a joint venture between the national European footbag organizations and its purpose is to improve the present and the future conditions for footbag in Europe. EFC is still a young organization but the popularity of the sport is rapidly increasing, and therefore EFC is constantly growing with more and more countries willing to join in.

The European Footbag Committee is now composed of 28 EFC members from 14 countries. 26 EFC members, a vice-president and a president. The Danish EFC members are Mads Neuhard and Mads Hole. Election of the Danish EFC representatives take place during the annual DFK general meeting.

The EFC members must represent their countries on a national as well as an international basis, meaning that everybody can influence the debate through their national EFC members. EFC meetings are held every year during The European Championships and most other communication takes place via emails.

EFC has many important tasks to complete, but as the organization is still young it needs a little time to mature. These are examples of present tasks in the EFC:
  • Election of president and vice-president every other year.
  • Election of host country for the European Championships.
  • The development and construction of an EFC website.
  • Preparation of tournament standards for the European Championships and other European tournaments.
  • Evaluation of a freestyle judging system.
  • Apply for sponsorships.


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