Århus Footbag Club has kept the sport alive in the west for the past three years. The club consists of 9 freestyle players, with some playing all year and participating in competitions. ÅFC got a new President, as the former President and founder of the club Søren Andersen has moved to Copenhagen . Århus supports the sport in Jutland through workshops, sessions at various events as well as indoor training facilities. Århus has also supported the sport in Ålborg where there is now a new club.

Århus Footbag Club members: A.P. og Emil

Training all year: Skatehallen, Århus Havn

Indoor training

At present we are some 4-5 players who meet and shred in the new skateboard hall by the old yacht harbour at Århus Harbour . It is open most of the time except for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 4 pm and 10 pm . The level varies from beginner to advanced, so there is always stuff to learn.

You can take bus no. 6, 7, 9 and 16. Get off at Østbanetorvet and walk down the gravel road by the old railway station building, towards the beach. Continue till you get to a big grey hall with graffiti on it.

Outdoor sessions

Outside the opening hours of the hall, several parking buildings around town have been used (during the winters).

If there is any doubt if the skateboard hall available you can take a chance or contact:

Kim Nielsen on phone +45 61681292 or at mr_rosenkilde@hotmail.com



Kildeparken   Mølleparken

Indoor training
At the moment we are trying to organize some training facilities for the upcoming winter season. We will be sure to keep you updated on this matter, as soon as we know a little more.

Outdoor sessions
At this point we are about 4-6 players in the Aalborg-area. The club is fairly new, but we hope, and believe, that many new faces will join us through the summer. We play a lot, especially during the summer, where we mainly hang out on the stage in Kildeparken otherwise in Mølleparken.

During the summer lots of people come to Kildeparken to relax. All sorts of activity take place here, from football to petanque. We play on the stage, which is in the South Eastern part of Kildeparken. It is located right after the fountain. You can’t miss it.

Mølleparken is on the opposite side of the passage from Mølleplads, by Mølleå. The place is ideal for footbag, as the passage can be used in case of rain. Furthermore there are many buildings surrounding this spot, so the wind seldom makes its way there.

As many of us are studying most of our sessions take place in the late afternoon or early evening. In the summer time the place and time of our sessions can vary, depending on what we feel like and what the weather allows. If you feel like playing with us or just want to know more about footbag, feel free to contact us. We are always up for some shred!

Nikolai Lorenzen on phone: +45 28183174 or at Nikolai_lorenzen@hotmail.com


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