Copenhagen Footbag Club (KFK) is the national Danish footbag organization. KFK bears a certain responsibilities such as: hosting the national website, organizing the national championships and providing the two Danish representatives for the European Footbag Committee, EFC. KFK has the purpose of gathering, promoting and servicing the sport on all levels throughout Denmark , and also to represent the country in the international footbag world. KFK resides on the Internet and is started by very experienced footbag players with address in Copenhagen .

KFK offers proper training facilities and a serious entry to the sport. Most of KFK's activities take place in Copenhagen , but we organize activities in the rest of the country as well. Footbag shows, workshops, sessions, activity days, activity weekends, camps and tournaments are all some of our regular activities. This also includes coordination of our journeys to other European tournaments, as well as the European and World Championships.

Footbag is growing in popularity and therefore it is time we find all the players in Denmark or for them find us. KFK is a general educating association and therefore welcomes everybody, no matter age, sex, nationality or address, and we will gladly help new or existing footbag associations with advice and information.

The Committee

President: Mads Hole
Vice President: Mads Neuhard
Rank-and-file member: Lise Thygesen
Rank-and-file member: Kim Mortensen
Rank-and-file member: Tobias Larsen

Would you like to learn to play footbag, or become more skilled than you are now?
Would you like to support and promote footbag interests in Denmark? Then join the Copenhagen Footbag Club (kFK) right now!

Meld dig ind og bliv en af hjemmedrengene!

The only thing you have to do is to download an entry form, print it, fill it out and then send it to DFK, plus you deposit a six-month subscription of 150 DKK to the club account (account no. etc. are on the entry form). Read the member conditions below or download the member regulations and get started!

· Implies a set continual six-month subscription.
· The membership is primarily intended for active players who have a more (serious) widespread interest in footbag as a sport, and who wish optimal playing conditions.
· An active membership guarantees indoor training facilities through the winter half-year, in Copenhagen (from September till June).
· The active member will be offered to participate in various arrangements, workshops, competitions etc. without any obligations.
· The active membership does not require any technical nor human qualifications.
· An active membership guarantees proper conditions for you to practice footbag in a similar manner as other organized sports.
· In other words, an active membership ensures you a spot in the heat of all activity, the history books, the spotlights and the great applauses!

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